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1. Once I open a cheese, how long will it keep in my refrigerator?

The "best before" date printed on a product is valid only when the cheese is unopened. Once the cheese is opened, its shelf life will vary by cheese type and will be impacted by the environmental conditions and manipulation of the product.  

2. What is the difference between sheep, goat and cow milk?

Sheep's milk has a higher fat and protein content compared to cow's milk and goat's milk. Sheep's and goat's milk are easier to digest than cow's milk because of their shorter chain fatty acids.

3. Are any of your products lactose free?

Although a large portion of the lactose is removed in the cheese making process, none of our products are lactose-free.

4. Can I freeze cheese?

Yes, some cheeses can be frozen, although it may impact their texture and overall characteristics. It is best to freeze cheese in pieces of 500 g or less in an airtight freezer bag for a maximum of two months. It is important to allow the cheese to thaw slowly in the refrigerator before use.

5. Can I use cheese after its "best before" date?

Products may be found for sale after the "best before" date has passed as the date is based on freshness and quality rather than safety. When this date has passed, the food may lose some of its freshness and flavour, or its texture may have changed. Some of its nutritional value may also be lost. This applies to unopened products only.

6. Do your products contain nuts or peanuts?

We recommend that consumers always check the ingredient list to know the exact content of each product.

7. Is it made with Canadian Milk?

Yes, our products are made with 100% Canadian sheep, goat and cow milk.

8. How is Skyr made?

Present day technology involves a centrifugal process that separates the whey from the curd to reach the desired solids content. A microbial enzyme is added to give the product a heavier body and the desired texture. It’s a very efficient process, as the solids are the Skyr and the whey (the water from the skim milk) is sold to hog farms where it supplies them with sugar, protein and other solids to supplement their feed. The solids or the ‘Skyr’, is processed through pipes, pumps and cooling jackets to then be deposited in the cups through a filling machine. Everything from the temperature to the speed of the pumps is designed to make the texture from our unique process perfect.