Yogurt – Canada’s Favourite Snack

Ah, yogurt. Where would we be without it? Favoured snack food of Canadians everywhere, yogurt is both delicious and nutritious.

But you’ve got to watch those additives. Sweeteners. Thickeners. Preservatives. Dyes. Salt. Who needs them?

Well, actually the food industry needs them. For longer shelf-life and easier distribution. But we don’t think they belong in food.

So we make our yogurts absolutely natural. Milk, bacterial culture, fruit, sugar, and not much else. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive. But that’s because it’s packed with quality ingredients, and nothing else.

Plus, our new Greek yogurt has a thick creamy texture, the way Greek yogurt is supposed to be. All this, with ZERO fat and 16 grams of protein per serving.

Blueberry Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt:

The first all-natural Greek yogurt in Canada, this thick, luscious treat comes in several flavours, including the uniquely Canadian Maple as well as vanilla.

A cow’s-milk product created and packaged for Krinos Foods, this yogurt is high in protein, low in fat, and ridiculously delicious.

Ingredients: Pasteurized skim milk, bacterial culture. Fruit varieties contain fruit, sugar, natural flavours.

Sheep Milk Yogurt

Sheep-Milk Yogurt:

Sheep-milk yogurt is a traditional favourite around the world. The sheep milk creates a rich yet delicate taste, matched with a delightful tang. Many people with lactose difficulties find sheep’s-milk yogurt easier to digest.

This yogurt, marketed under the Krinos label, is an all-natural, Balkan-style yogurt with 5% milk fat.

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep milk, bacterial culture