Quality Product Starts on the Farm

You want your dairy products to start with pure, fresh milk. So we go out of our way to work with some of Southwestern Ontario’s best dairy farmers.

After all, the best milk comes from animals who are properly fed, housed and cared for – which means the farmer is the most important link in your food chain.

We choose our agricultural partners with care, to make sure you end up with the best product possible.

All natural: what you see is what you get

We don’t use the many chemicals and preservatives approved for use in Canada’s dairy products. You’ll find our products are made of milk, bacterial culture, a bit of salt and not much more.

We also don’t fudge our labels. There are loopholes in Canada’s food-labelling regulations that allow some products (like stabilizers and thickeners) to go into your food without appearing on the label.

What’s in our product is on our label. Period.

Look for us under Shepherd Gourmet Dairy and Krinos labels

We’re proud that Krinos Foods – North America’s largest distributor, importer and manufacturer of Mediterranean foods – thinks highly enough of our fetas and yogurts to label and distribute them as their own.

Look for our cheeses and yogurts under either the Shepherd Gourmet Dairy or Krinos labels in your local supermarket. You’ll be able to taste that farm-fresh flavour. And nothing else.

Sheep Milk Feta