Quietly Making Some of the World’s Greatest Cheeses and Yogurts

Our company began when founder Stewart Cardiff left an agricultural banking career to return to his farming roots. He started a sheep farm with one of his brothers, and another brother suggested there might be a market for the sheep’s milk,……… and so it began.

Canada loves sheep-milk products

Turned out there was plenty of demand for sheep’s-milk products – Canada was importing tonnes of sheep-milk feta alone from Greece and other Mediterranean countries.

Some small Canadian artisanal dairies were trying to meet this demand with local product, but were not able to serve the national market consistently.

New dairy meets country-wide demand

Stew formed Shepherd Gourmet Dairy to bridge this gap. Originally housed in Tavistock, Ontario, we now operate a state-of-the-art production facility in St. Marys, Ontario.

Here we combine traditional methods with modern technology to make the most authentic-tasting feta in Canada. No, really. We went to Greece and learned cheese-making from the masters.

World-class fetas, ricottas and yogurts now made right here at home

Now Canadian families can enjoy world-class Mediterranean-style dairy products made right here at home. Plus, Southwestern Ontario’s dairy farmers have a guaranteed market for their milk.

It’s a win-win situation. Happy farmers, happy animals, happy customers. That’s the Shepherd Gourmet Dairy story.

Stew conversing with an employee A photo of the Shepherd Gourmet Dairy