The Best Greek-Style Cheeses and Yogurts in Canada

Today’s families care about what’s on their plate. So do we. That’s why we make some of the purest, most authentic cheeses and yogurts in Canada.

Our fetas are rich and tangy, free of fillers and preservatives, and probably the best thing you’ve tasted this side of Athens.

Our sheep-milk ricotta is silky smooth, and sublime in traditional Italian desserts and pastas. Made from pure, sweet sheep-milk whey.

And our yogurts? Out of this world. Moms swear by our delicious and easy-to-digest sheep-milk version. We know our customers want to buy fresh, wholesome products sourced from local farmers and made right here at home. So that’s what we do.

When you choose Shepherd Gourmet Dairy, you know you’re choosing the very best.

About Us

Shepherd Gourmet Dairy is a thoroughly modern cheese/yogurt-production facility located in beautiful St Marys, Ontario.

Here we use traditional methods to craft delicious sheep-, goat- and cow’s-milk feta cheeses, and sheep-milk ricotta and yogurt. Our newest product is Canada’s first SKYR Icelandic style yogurt. A thick, rich, no fat yogurt that delivers great taste and is higher in protein and lower sugar per serving than most yogurt sold in the Canadian market. We’re proud to work with some of the best farmers in the world, and to offer you and your family the same pure, natural, Canadian-made products we eat in our own homes.

Our Philosophy